Sing “Glory!”

“…Common and John Legend soul-stirring album represents the glory of Ava Duvernay’s “Selma”.”

Music is, and always will be, the heart beat of the people.

If there was ever a song to capture the essence of this moment and the soul of the people’s movement it is Selma’s “Glory.”

In a masterful composition of soul, gospel, and rap, Common and John Legend soul-stirring album represents the glory of Ava Duvernay’s “Selma.” Beating Lorde and others for the title of Golden Globes’ Best Original Song of 2015, Glory manages to translate the divine meaning of the movie across generations: Victory Will Be Ours! Amidst controversy of a “Selma” snub, we celebrate the impact of music on moving the dream forward.

From its instrumental runs to its’ lyrical content, Common and Legend’s successful collaboration bring the spirit of Selma into the world.

“One day/when the Glory comes/it will be ours/it will be ours!

One day/when the war is won/we will be sure/we will be sure!

Glory! Glory!”

–John Legend (Chorus)

Check out Common & John Legend’s Globe Acceptance Speech:

We will break down Music & The Movement later this week.

For Now–Celebrate With Us #BlackExcellence!

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