#BHMSpins Kendrick x Ab-Souls Outro (VIDEO)

Our generation needs a generator! (Ab Soul)


[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]

What’s your life about, enlighten me

Is you gonna live on your knees, or die on your feet

Fire in the street, fire in my swisher

Fire in between the two legs of your little sister

Just get a sip of this elixir, before they crop us out of the picture

I’ve never seen a crop circle but I’ve seen a cop circled the block

I puff squares, but I swear one day I’mma stop my nerves itch

On the brink of my career, while my peers struggle for employment

Can you hear these screams (Uncle Sam ain’t no kin to me)

One two, three four grams and a fifth of Hennessey

A bad bitch, fuck the penitentiary



Section 80’s babies, blame Ronald Reagan, we raising hell


[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]

Lord forbid, the homie got wet, so we trying to soak it in

The president is black, but you can’t vote for skin, you vote for the better man

Come to our show you can see the diversity

Unify people they going to peep it universally

We might not change the world

But we going to manipulate it, I hope you participating

Ayo Dot, won’t you let these cats know

We knew we’d be here, like back in 04′

Started HiiiPower because our generation

Needed a generator and a system, meant to disintegrate us

And all we do is assist them

We’re not victors, we’re victims

The bigger picture hasn’t developed yet

Like what if Keisha were celibate

What if Tammy came across a real man

Who didn’t play games like children

My nigga cheated on his girlfriend with his girlfriend’s girlfriend

Let the world end

And everybody tripping off 2012

And the extraterrestrial presence as well (Odd Future’s aight)

But our future is not, that Martial law shit dropped, we gonna all get got

So keep that question mark on your face

Eat that fast food, and use that flouride toothpaste

Hide your feelings from the public

Work a little nine to five, don’t forget to pay your tithes

And to thank God you’re alive (HiiiPower)

And on another note, we focused like the Hubble Telescope, Soul



Life is a traffic jam (Life is a traffic jam) [x10]


[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]

I wrote this because I was ordered to

People say I speak for generation Y

Why lie, I do, Section 80

Your son will play me if the radio won’t

Daughters that just turn one to twenty one listen to Kendrick

For instance



What’s your life about, enlighten me

Is you gonna live on your knees, or die on your feet

Take out that student loan, and pay off your college degree

And do exactly what you see on TV


[Kendrick Lamar]

True story, hmm, can you repeat that for me Soul



What’s your life about, enlighten me

Is you gonna live on your knees, or die on your feet

Is you gonna plead the fifth, or sound the horn

The time is now my child, come on


[Kendrick Lamar]

See a lot of y’all don’t understand Kendrick Lamar

Because you wonder how I could talk about money, hoes, clothes

God and history all in the same sentence

You know what all the things have in common

Only half of the truth, if you tell it

See I’ve spent twenty three years on the earth searching for answers

’til one day I realized I had to come up with my own

I’m not on the outside looking in, I’m not on the inside looking out

I’m in the dead fucking center, looking around

You’ve ever seen a newborn baby kill a grown man

That’s an analogy for the way the world make me react

My innocence been dead

So the next time I talk about money, hoes, clothes

God and history all in the same sentence

Just know I meant it, and you felt it cause you too are searching for answers

I’m not the next pop star, I’m not the next socially aware rapper

I am a human mothafuckin’ being, over dope ass instrumentation

Kendrick Lamar, now fuck ’em up Terrace (Soul!)



I watch this fire that we’re gathered around

And see that it burns similar to the fire that’s inside you


Section.80 babies

A generation of bliss and disobedience

Know they can’t control us

Know they can’t control you

Know they can’t control us

But we can control each other

We build our own world

If you don’t leave with nothing else tonight, you will leave with knowing yourself

You will leave knowing that you represent something thats bigger than all of us

Our family

Heart, honor and respect

This is you, this is me

And we are HiiiPower


Producer: Terrance Martin

West Coast TDE


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