#BREAKING BXP Ends Racism!

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Black America Rising

President John F. Kennedy once said "A rising tide lifts all ships." Black America is Rising and we are lifting all of America in the process. In 2014, the trump sounded and a new generation of civil rights movers and shakers enlisted in the war for freedom, justice, and peace. The modern day lynching of members from our [...]

Mother Oprah Knows Best!

The last time #BlackTwitter's fake rage ensued after Oprah's "Where Are They Now?" interview with the beautiful Raven Symone it passed.  Just for giggles, you can watch a rather "passé" Raven reject labels at the 1:15 mark. To which Oprah replies, “Oh Lord don’t set Twitter on fire!” My sentiments exactly as I watched Oprah's Interview with People Magazine. View the full People [...]